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Your growth, our dedication.

At GIVE Indiana, we craft unique strategies designed to bolster individuals, municipalities, institutions of Faith, and non-profit and minority-owned businesses with progressive growth possibilities. We remain steadfast in aligning with your vision of success through...
Active involvement in community growth and development (enabling individuals to contribute constructively to their communities)
Promoting financial wellness (emphasizing financial stability, adaptability, economic prospects, and so on)
It serves as a gateway for minority entrepreneurs to access an all-encompassing entrepreneurial ecosystem of training, support, opportunities, and resources while fostering an environment that encourages supplier diversity.

  • Expert Community and Public relations organization  

  • Create citywide pilot programming for the growth and forecast planning for municipalities.

  • Equips with Training Resources

  • Facilitates Mentoring and Networking Opportunities that offer Direct Access to Key Corporate Connections

  • Features an Extensive Catalog of Minority-Owned Businesses and non-profit provider partners.

  • As trusted fiscal agents, we assist in securing the funding needed to impact your community significantly.


We are dedicated to giving our clients the tools and support they need to succeed.

The Fiber Smart House Tech Hub Gary IN

The Fiber Smart House 2024 citywide Community Engagement Plan was Funded by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Donor Advised Fund held at the Legacy Foundation.

Understanding Communities for Better Service

We create pilot and evaluation programs to help companies gain richer insights into their communities. We aim to enable you to understand your community's unique needs and characteristics, allowing you to serve them more effectively and create meaningful connections.

Our Mission: Empowering Non-Profits

Welcome to GIVE Indiana, your dedicated partner for growth and community development. We've transitioned from a non-profit to a consultancy firm, with a renewed focus on empowering other non-profits and fostering vibrant communities.

Financial Health

We prioritize financial stability and resilience, promoting economic opportunities for all. Our strategies are aimed at fostering a financially healthy community where everyone thrives.

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