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 We've evolved into a non-profit consultancy firm focusing on empowering individuals, non-profit organizations, and corporate entities.

All In For Your Success
Your goals are our priority. Our nationwide team of experts is prepared to provide the services and expertise needed to tackle future challenges and seize upcoming opportunities.

We're ready to invest in your success. Our team of partners is continually listening, strategizing, adapting, and supporting you at every step. We believe in succeeding together and are dedicated to propelling your mission forward.

Civic Engagement & Community Development
Our mission is to assist individuals in becoming active contributors to the development and strengthening of their communities. We encourage civic engagement and foster a sense of unity and shared responsibility.


Ms. Burgess J. Peoples
President and CEO 

(269) 336-5199

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Sonya Walker
Director of Operations
(269) 336-5199

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