Working collectively to make poverty escapable 

 WHY: The poverty rate in Indiana is 14.6%. One out of every 6.9 residents of Indiana live in poverty. How many people in Indiana live in poverty? 933,540 of 6,412,384 residents reported income levels below the poverty line.

The GIVE organization exists to positively impact the lives of those facing complicated living situations. We partner directly with financial institutions, Nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, homeless organizations and Employment Opportunities connected to the necessities that our recipients currently may not have access to on their own.  

Our Mission

Make Poverty Escapable

We provide sustainable programs that generate positive change for underrepresented communities across Indiana. Sustainable programs that create positive change for individuals, cities, and states to duplicate.

The GIVE organization recognizes that getting out of poverty takes more than a bed or educational programming. It takes comprehensive job training. It takes connecting people with skills and education with others with different opportunities. It takes a visible grassroots effort that includes all segments of society—government, businesses, nonprofits, schools, faith and civic groups, and communities— to connect and create change.

In short, it takes a movement…. It’s time to do something!

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Economic insecurity isn't a new challenge or a partisan issue. Wealth and income inequality, which have long plagued our country, continue to grow.

The Give Organization is part of a national movement; our goal is to reach Cities with the Highest Percentage of Population Below the Poverty Level in Indiana. We create data-driven guaranteed Income pilots and or wealth initiatives specifically to meet the needs and requirements of municipalities in Indiana.

Research and Evaluation

GIVE and Indiana University Northwest have established a partnership to collect surveys to create data analysis of each pilot. The Indiana University Northwest aims to consolidate the key learnings from the pilots in Northwest Indiana and Marion County cities and leverage data to build from pilots into a federal policy.

Everyone deserves an income floor through a guaranteed income.

 The Mayor Lead campaign was created by the national foundation, the Mayors of a Guaranteed Income. The campaign intends for constituents nationwide to petition and call their mayors, urging them to support guaranteed income.  Residents can write letters to the editors of local papers or coordinate with organizations or small businesses to help Mayors understand their community's desire for a guaranteed income. Through direct and public pressure, we can get 100 new Mayors to publicly support Guaranteed Income and work to promote the idea at a local, state, and federal level.

Sing up for the Wealth Initiative
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GIVE Recipient: Georzella Turner: I am more of a Giver than a receiver, but in this case, the Give program has given me and my girls a little hope to know that we are not forgotten while the burdens of life get a little lighter.  

GIVE gift program: Supporting our recipients' needs and the Indiana workforce, our gift donation program deposit saving account dollars up to $100.00 if the recipient completes a trade program or financial literacy modules. 

The recipient who obtains full-time employment will receive (1) a Monthly bus pass or a $50.00 gas card to make it to work for the first three weeks of employment.

Centers for Workforce Innovation (Work One). Goodwill Industries.

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GIVE Recipient: I appreciate everything that they Give Program has done for me and my mom. Please let everyone know that I said thank you so much for being so generous towards the recipients like me for helping us out. The money that I received helped not only me but friends that came to me for help and family member too, so again I want to humbly thank you and the people that made it possible to help a recipient like me out throughout these months.