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GIVE INDIANA is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. GIVE, in partnership with the National foundation Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, launched a campaign against poverty. Give created and managed Indiana's first Guaranteed Income pilot in the city of Gary in partnership with Mayor Jerome A. Prince. GIVE is dedicated to playing its part in eliminating poverty and providing hope through our programming, which provides these tools using educational programs, seminars, workshops, live events, and technology-based initiatives. G.I.V.E was founded on the premise that every less privileged child/person should have an opportunity to dream, irrespective of location. We believe that access to education, resources, sustainable tools, and growth opportunities should be fundamental rights for all.

Our Mission

Make Poverty Escapable

To provide sustainable programs that generate positive change for the underrepresented communities across the state of Indiana. Our programs are sustainable programs that create positive change for individuals, cities, and states to duplicate.

Mayor Jerome A. Prince was the first to sign up in the state of Indiana. To join the fight against poverty! Who will be next?

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GIVE Executive Board Members

Will Miller

General Manager, Transition 2nd Phase

Board Member - Education

Mayor Jerome A. Prince

Mayor City of Gary

Chairmen of the Board

Mrs. Heather Ennis, President & CEO at Northwest Indiana Forum

Executive Board - Programming

Attorney Thomas P. Dakich, Managing Member/General Counsel Digital Crossroads

Executive Board Member - Legal/Finance

Councilman Steve Tulowitzki Town of Munster

Executive Board - Communication

Mr. Willie Prichett - Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Rack Bunker: Secure Hosting and Data Center Solutions

Executive Board Member - IT

GIVE Recipient: My first $500 balance on the supplied debit card went to paying an unexpected remaining balance on charges from Community Hospital in Munster that Medicare didn’t cover. This definitely improved both my and the hospital’s situations.

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President/ GIVE's Executive Board

Not in pic Executive Board Members: State Representative Mike Andrade and Mr. Willie Pritchett